The why

Make it your own! We collect the data, the corresponding prices, and the markets that fit you the best. Our service provides a generous scope of information from the agriculture markets. The data that has been collected is provided through third parties but we also generate our own data. The parameters are specified in consultation with the sector. DCA-Markets determines each reference price to show the best-represented development in the market that you are searching for.

The possibility of making your own organized dashboard saves time and makes work efficient. The beginning benefits?

  • Have access to all the DCA-Markets benchmarks + commodities
  • Create and save your own dashboard
  • Own charts and tables

If this sounds applicable to you and the business then it is even an option to upgrade to a more skilful plan. It is even possible to create a customized plan! Curious? Click the button down below to sign up now!

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We’re excited to announce our new Dairy platform

DCA Markets, your trusted source for dairy market information, is evolving. We're rebranding our platform to DCA Market Intelligence

Our new platform offers an improved experience, providing you with unparalleled insights into the dairy market.

We've fine-tuned and expanded our data, price assessments, trade flow analyses, and introducing new exciting features.

We're also offering a free 14-day trial for those who want to experience our new platform.

Take a look at our new dairy platform