DCA-Markets Price assessment Dairy liquids

DCA-Markets B.V. reports each week a quotation for Raw cow's milk - Netherlands, Raw cow's milk - North Germany, Raw cow's milk - South Germany, Cream, Skimmed milk concentrate (SMC). Publication is done every Thursday at 15:30.

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Week 2QuotationPrice RangeAverage
Milk NL€ 35,00 (+1,00)€ 34,00 - 36,003€ 34,830
Milk N-DE€ 34,00 (+1,00)€ 33,00 - 36,003€ 34,170
Milk S-DE€ 35,50 (+1,00)€ 34,50 - 37,003€ 35,670
Cream€ 3945 (+50)€ 3850 - 40007€ 3946
SMC€ 2065 (+85)€ 2050 - 21004€ 2063

Dairy markets seem optimistic in these first weeks of 2021. Several reasons make markets bullish. We see rising liquid dairy prices due low offering volumes by processors and a good demand. Milk production in Northwest-Europe is not overwhelming these days, despite the seasonal increase which persist until may. Cream prices are relatively high for this time of year. This is because big volumes of British cream are no longer transported to the European mainland now Brexit has been realized. And the lock downs result in strong retail sales. However, it is uncertain whether the good sentiment will continue in the coming weeks.

All DCA quotations follow the price discovery methodology as specified in:

Copyright © DCA-Markets B.V. All rights reserved 2021