DCA-Markets once again presents three new dairy quotations

LELYSTAD – DCA-Markets are expanding its range of dairy price quotations even further. On Thursday, October 26, 2023, three new DCA dairy ...> Read more

DCA-Markets introduces three new dairy quotations

Today, on Thursday, September 28, three new DCA dairy quotations will be introduced: for Fat-Filled Milk Powder, Frau Antje foil cheese and ...> Read more

Stable Launches Price Hedging on DCA’s Gouda price series

With pleasure we announce that Stable has launched price options-based risk management tools to hedge price risk on DCA’s Gouda Foil chees...> Read more

Publication of dairy price indices on Wednesday in week 19 2021

Thursday 13 May 2021 is Ascension day and a public holiday in many European countries. It is for this reason that DCA-Markets has decided to...> Read more

Phosphate index extended with lease price

DCA-Markets will start from 1 December 2020 to list a price for the lease of phosphate rights. A phosphate right stands, as defined by De Ri...> Read more

DCA-Markets website renewed: New analysis tools added

We have something to celebrate! Our DCA-Markets website has been completely renewed. Most important news is that we have added analysis t...> Read more

'Market overview needed for important decisions'

Business decisions often have a risk element in them: do I have to sell my product now? Or do I wait a little longer? Should I expand produc...> Read more

DCA quotations phosphate rights

DCA-Markets has been listing phosphate rights since 2016. A phosphate right, as defined by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl), stand...> Read more

Price development packed onions

One of the quotations that DCA markets makes is the DCA quotation package price onions. You can read how we do that here: New-set-up-of...> Read more

Consultation change of time of publication pork cut mutations

DCA Markets started in October 2019 with the weekly DCA listing of price mutations pork parts©. These are the average slaughterhouse / whol...> Read more

Adjustment French fries reference price (PAT-index)

 A few years ago, DCA-Markets developed the PAT Index. That is a reference price for chips suitable for potatoes.The PAT Index is adapt...> Read more

DCA-Beursprijs 2.0 a household name for five years

DCA markets has maintained leading pig quotations in the Netherlands for more than five years. Every Friday evening the price of live and sl...> Read more

Duch milk price comparator updated

The DCA Milk Price Comparator has been the leading comparator of milk prices that dairy farmers receive from dairy processors for more than ...> Read more

Cooperation DCA-Markets and Dacom Farm Intelligence

DCA and Dacom will work closely together in the field of benchmarking and intelligent farming. It has been agreed to jointly investigate the...> Read more

Cooperation DCA and Dow Jones Inc.

DCA-Groep and Dow Jones Inc. have entered into an agreement to collaborate intensively in the global distribution of (agricultural) market d...> Read more

Consultation on specifications for dairy quotations completed

Last month, DCA-Markets proposed a number of changes to the specifications of the dairy quotations. This concerns the rounding of the quotat...> Read more

Consultation of reference price methodology completed

Last month, DCA-Markets announced a number of changes in the method of drawing up quotations and offered them for consultation....> Read more

The long hedge

Buyers of agricultural products by definition need protection against rising prices.For example, suppose a feed producer plans to buy feed...> Read more

Further explained: NW European Pig index

DCA-Markets has been listing the DCA Pig Index NW Europe® since May 25, 2018. This is an index which is compiled with pig prices from Germa...> Read more

Consultation: Adjustment DCA-Quotations

DCA-Markets intends to make the following adjustments to the DCA-Markings system. Which means that as of 1 June 2020, the text in bold ...> Read more

Cooperation DCA-Markets and Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters)

DCA-Markets and Refinitiv have entered into an agreement to collaborate intensively in the global distribution of (agricultural) market data...> Read more

One year DCA Gouda and Edam quotation

DCA-Markets started started quoting Gouda and Edam cheese prices a year ago. And what a year it was......> Read more

DCA-Markets agricultural indices offer insight in farm yield

Since 2016, DCA-Marktets has calculated various agricultural indices that represent the return in the sector......> Read more

No DCA-quotation Spot Price French Fries Potatoes© in week 13

Due to a lack of trade, the listing commissions in Western Europe for French Fries potatoes are not listed. The DCA-Markets listing for the ...> Read more

The benefits of benchmarking

DCA-Markets makes different quotations or reference prices what is the value thereof? Examples of DCA Markets quotations are......> Read more

New dairy quotations successfully launched

Under challenging market conditions, the new quotations for butter, cheese and milk powders started on 1 February...> Read more

DCA Markets: director in chain integration

Better matching concepts and consumer demands is the challenge of our time. DCA supervises this process as a chain director......> Read more

PAT index: bespoke benchmark for potatoes

Since 2018, DCA-Markets has been recording the PAT index French fries potatoes. An example of how the potato industry eliminates information...> Read more

DCA-Markets significantly expands number of dairy listings

DCA-Markets has significantly expanded its dairy quotations, making the vast majority of milk's valorization transparent and comparable. ...> Read more

Trading forward contracts: training and advice

When using futures markets, risks can be reduced and more room for funding and innovation is created. DCA helps you with exporting orders, t...> Read more

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